Section 1 – Professional Education in the Context of Uncertain Times

The increasing variety of assignments of social workers represents a growing challenge for educators. They are forced to reflect on the content and quality of education in order to increase the probability of employment of their graduates in their chosen field. The performance of social worker profession in various fields entails high demands on his or her personal and professional development. Qualifications, continuing professional education and personal development are considered as essential prerequisites for proficiency and quality performance in social work. An important aspect of the system of professional education is the promotion of the quality performance in social work as well as development of social work as a discipline and its own continuous improvement. Professional experience and contact with social work in practice plays an important role in the field of education in social work. The aim of the presented talks and subsequent discussion will be a search for answers to the question whether the current system of education of social workers meets the requirements of practice. Besides, we would like to identify potential pitfalls and to find possible solutions for new approaches to education in social work from the perspective of theory and practice.

(guarantor: Mgr. Zuzana Truhlářová, Ph.D.)