Section 4 – Critical Theory of Social Life in Uncertain Society

The section is focused on contributions connecting social work with critical theory of society. Critical theory of society is a way of looking at society, which tries to challenge social and political conditions which result in injustice and not only on the redress of the consequences. Because of the Death of Ulrich Beck, the section will also focus on the issue of unequal share of risks produced by society between different groups. Critical social work is approached as a criticism and analysis of power and oppression in society in order to overcome the oppression, injustice, dominance and exploitation. The section welcomes contributions about radical, post-modernist, feminist, anti-oppressive, anti-racist and structural critical social work, contributions about critical community work and about action research in the field of structuralism as well as in post-structuralism.

(co-organizer: The Centre of Global Studies Czech Academy of Sciences and Charles University in Prague, guarantor: Mgr. Radka Janebová, Ph.D.)